Please try and include the following information when you post a problem

  1. If you are using Windows 7+ please use the "Problem Recorder" in Windows 7+ to record what you are doing to cause the problem otherwise
  2. If you cannot complete the option above, please note which page the error occurred on and post that, and what you were doing to cause it (this information is included in the "Problem Recorder")
  3. Please try doing some HAP+ JSON Debugging to try and isolate the problem (you maybe asked for this later on)
  4. If an Error is shown please paste the whole error page, if you don't get an error page, please perform the same function on the server
  5. If the error happens across browsers, i.e. if it happens in IE but not Firefox

Later on in the diagnostic process you may be asked for a section of your HAPConfig.xml file. This file can be located in the App_Data Folder. Simply open it with notepad and copy the section that has been asked for. Make sure you DO NOT post the ADPassword attribute if asked for the AD section