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Home Access Plus+ Thread, Configuring My Files for users in Projects:; Hi, We have made some changes to our system whereas we no longer map the %homepath% but rather use folder ...
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    Configuring My Files for users


    We have made some changes to our system whereas we no longer map the %homepath% but rather use folder redirection through group policies based on an UNC path. However, since we have removed the %homepath% users can longer access files remotely.

    Is there a way to modify the unc path within the web.xml file to contain UNc path and a username variable on the end of the path? e.g. \\local.server.\Shared$\%username%. Can't seem to get around this. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


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    That should work. HAP+ replaces %username% with the user's actual username

    Yep, double checked it in the code,
    .Replace("%username%", user.UserName);
    Which version of HAP+ are you using?

    I use this in my HAP+:
    HTML Code:
    <mapping drive="H" name="Admin My Documents" enablereadto="Admin Domain Users, Domain Admins" enablewriteto="Admin Domain Users, Domain Admins" enablemove="True" usagemode="DriveSpace">\\chsadmin.crickadmin.internal\homes\%username%</mapping>

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