First I have found that the html file newusernote file under the helpdesk folder needed a slight change

<h3>You can update the ticket by visiting <a href="http://{3}/HelpDesk/#ticket-{0}">http://{3}/HelpDesk/#ticket-{0}</a></h3>
<h3>You can update the ticket by visiting <a href="https://{3}/HelpDesk/#ticket-{0}">https://{3}/HelpDesk/#ticket-{0}</a></h3>

the link was looking for http instead of https website.

I also found the helpdesk system looks for a status image called "with it.png" but it is called "withit.png" so I just copied and renamed to fix that.

I found that updating the teacher/client response from a question a bit slow, at least until I figured out you have to logout refresh and then log back in to see a response on the users helpdesk display. Is the updating done only in the logging in process? another thing I have found is even if I click the button to make a question FAQ it does not work.
If I manually edit the tickets file and change the tag from false to true then it displays so it does not seem to be processing the FAQ button correctly in the helpdesk form.