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    Security Certificate Issues


    i read somewhere on here or could have been the RM forum that you can get free SSL certificate from Starcom I beleive. I did this and have been using it without any issues, or so I thought.

    Thought that I had best post this on here to get advice and to advise others.

    I have discovered that using the SSL certificate from Starcom stopped the link between RMMC (RM Management Console) and the Group Policy Objects it manages. Any changes that were made in RMMC were not being passed through to the respective GPO's but when this SSL was removed and the original RM one reinstated, this started working again.

    Has anyone else experienced this or know of how to resolve this?


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    I would guess from your post that you have something running on your RM server that is accessed externally, and that's what the certificate for?

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    I have an RM CC3 network, and I installed our folders cert on it, worked no problem, didn't stop anything working. It may be down to RM not releasing the updated root certificates that microsoft added to make StartCom a trusted root certification authority.

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