Hi Nick, sorry but it is me again!

I'm getting in a real mess here, and hoping you can dig me out.

I've removed everything from the DC server and started again on the Member Server (copying the setup.aspx and web.config files over to save me having to recreate all the links and such like). I've created a certificate via that web site you pointed me at, and added that to the Server Certificates in IIS Manager. From there, I've followed your installation instructions and video, however can't open the site.

If I try and browse to http://localhost/hap I get a message saying it is secured with SSL, if I browse to https://localhost/hap I get a "problem with the website's security certificate", continuing past that I get an error page saying "Failed to map the path '/hap'." (I can paste a full screen shot if that would help).

Please, what am I doing wrong? It is perfectly possible that I've done something stupid with the certificate, or any of the stages come to that!

On the positive, now when I run nmap on remote.schoolname.co.uk, I get told that 443 is open.