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    Quota usage

    Looking to get this working . Cant see any documentation ?

    See attached pic . Disk quota states -1% for all users

    Quota usage-lukepic.jpg

    Heres the Code i had modified ( unsure if it is correct ).

    <add drive="J" name="YOUR My Documents" unc="\\SERVER\UserMyDocuments\Staff\{0}\my documents" enablereadto="Staff" enablewriteto="Staff" usage="Quota" />
    And Also change the following ?

            <add expression="\\server\usermydocuments\staff\{0}.$" server="server" drive="J:" />
            <add expression="\\server.server.local\usermydocuments\staff\{0}.$" server="server" drive="J:" />
    Obviously replaced some of the sesnsitve info with server.

    Under quotaservers where i have listed the drive as 'J:' . Is this refering to the virtual mapped drive of HAP or the real drive letter that the shares are on ?

    ALso installed the service on the server
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