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Home Access Plus+ Thread, Upgrade Issues in Projects:; Hi. I know that this has been mentioned before but I've not seen any sort of sollution, only a work ...
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    Upgrade Issues


    I know that this has been mentioned before but I've not seen any sort of sollution, only a work around.

    Whenever I upgrade my HAP, I always get "Internal Server Error" afterwards. The 'workaround' is to replace the WEB.CONFIG file with the existing one, which does sort the problem. The issue I have with this though is that any changes that are being made to the WEB.CONFIG file in development are obviously being lost.

    I think that I've had this issue for the last 4 times that I've upgraded..... does anyone know what the actual issue is & how I fix it?

    Cheers, Calwyn

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    There shouldn't be any changes in the web.config file, as they are more low level than the hapConfig. You are find using an old one if it works

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