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Home Access Plus+ Thread, Guides for using helpdesk or booking system? in Projects:; Hi, We have been using HAP+ for accessing files for ages now, thanks Nick. I reckon we are ready to ...
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    Guides for using helpdesk or booking system?

    We have been using HAP+ for accessing files for ages now, thanks Nick.
    I reckon we are ready to take it to the next level now and move from our current helpdesk and booking system.
    Are there any readme files for using these to get the most out of the features and to help with setting up the booking structure?

    I do realise I have asked this before, but wondering if there is anything new in the last year!

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    I'd like to echo this request. My goal is to set up the HAP Booking System on a two-week timetable, and sync in some static bookings from SIMS.net.

    I'm struggling, though, with how to configure my hapconfig.xml file correctly, because I'm not finding documentation on the XML tags/attributes I need to be adding! Am I missing documentation somewhere obvious?

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    In the HAP Config you setup the resources and lesson structure, using the web interface is the easiest.

    Then you go to the Booking System Control Panel and set the Terms up (if you have more than 3 then you need to delve into the terms.xml file). Then using the BS CP you can either import the SIMS export or manually add them. The SIMS report to import is on the codeplex documentation. You will need to edit it once it's in SIMS to select the correct rooms to use. If it fails to import you may need to edit the staticbookings.xml file (usually the easiest) and put the bookings in manually.

    you will then need to edit the ~/bookingsystem/web.config file to allow the groups you want to have access to the Booking System.

    There are a few hidden XML attributes for the hapConfig that enable/disable some advanced features, but 9/10 you don't need to know about them, or a search on this forum will show the results.

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