Hey all, thought I'd share a SIMS report I've made for getting room timetables out. There's a bit of find & replacement to do after running the report, but it at least puts the xml in the right format to copy into staticbookings.xml. Basically you just run the report, selecting your bookable rooms, then do a bit of find and replace on the output to convert the day and lesson names to the right format.

eg. in our case:

Fix the Lesson fields by doing find and replace:

"AMon:" --> "Lesson " (space is important)
"ATue:" --> "Lesson "
"AWed:" --> "Lesson "

Our period names output as ~ 'AMon:1' so you just need to get rid of the day bit. You might have 'Day1:' or something. -

Then fix the Day fields by doing find and replace on:

"AMon" --> "1"
"ATues" --> "2"

In our case we don't need to do anything with username as our staff initials in SIMS are used for this in the first place. As far as I know it won't break anything if you leave those as they are, but you may also want to replace staff initals with usernames.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else can get it to work ok for them as I know SIMS timetable setups will differ.

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And here's a reminder to back up (and not blame me if anything goes wrong.. )