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    Help Desk Questions

    Hey there,

    First of all, thanks for developing this awesome software. Have it installed on my Windows 2008 server and after working out some issues I almost got it working 100%. A couple questions about the help desk system:

    - Is it possible to have a tile only available to non-admin users : New Ticket. I don't want regular staff and students to be able to see the tickets, only create new ones.
    - Also, is there any way to set the help desk to work with SQL? I noticed the new entries were being placed in an xml file.
    - Is there any way to delete help desk tickets?
    - Is there any way to disable drive space indicators completely? Our users do not have their own quota, it's all based on one giant datastore so every folder is displaying the same percentage available.
    - Also I have noticed it is quite slow, in a couple other posts you mentioned because the drives in "My Files" were set to the Quota setting, I switched this and am still seeing the same slow speeds.

    Thanks for the help!!

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    1. You would have to add each group except domain admin
    2. Not currently, it's so you can go into the database and delete/edit stuff directly
    3. Yes, by deleting it from the xml database
    3. Yes, hapconfig.xml, drivespace="None"
    4. You can try disabling the read/write checks to see if that speeds it up, but it shouldn't be slow, as it isn't for me.

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