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Home Access Plus+ Thread, HAP+ Logon Tracker in Projects:; Hi All, I am a little bit confused about the Logon Tracker functionallity: I assume that this can be used ...
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    HAP+ Logon Tracker

    Hi All,

    I am a little bit confused about the Logon Tracker functionallity:

    I assume that this can be used to track all user session details made on the HAP+ website?
    If yes, i don't understand the GPO settings which have to be made.

    So what is HAP+ Logon Tracker and how would you use it.

    My scenario:
    We are going to publish the HAP+ site (only Myfiles) for out students in a Proof of Concept fase. During this fase it is very important to track user session/logons.
    Students will use the tool from home on unmanaged devices.

    - How should I implement the logon tracker?
    - where to apply the policy (HAP+ IIS server)?


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    The logon tracker features 2 components, the main logon tracker is for monitoring network logons, i.e. Logging onto a PC in a classroom, it was designed to comply with some of the UK schools regs regarding monitoring and tracking. The web tracker is used to monitor activity on HAP+. For the web tracker to work you need to install and setup a SQL Database for HAP+ to use, as the logs are too much for a text/xml file. Once you have made the database and configured the provider in the web.config file the web tracker will be live and start logging logon events, my files events as well as some other bits that I coded when I brought this feature it, more are expected.

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