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Home Access Plus+ Thread, 8.1 Issues in Projects:; I've just installed version 8.1 of HAP - it's the first time I've attempted and it looks great. I'm having ...
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    8.1 Issues

    I've just installed version 8.1 of HAP - it's the first time I've attempted and it looks great. I'm having a couple of issues though which are proving a tad frustrating. I followed the install instructions and had no issues during the initial process, after running the initial setup process I was unable to browse using the AD browser despite all the details being correct it would not get past the initial blue bar, I changed the IIS App Pool identity to the network service & changed the relevant folder permission and I was then able to browse to the AD through the setup page.

    I've set the relevant drive mappings & permissions for the management pages but it seems that when logging on as any user the AD permissions are not being applied, the only way anything will work is by adding the 'All' permissions to drive mappings & the management page settings. When logging on I also get the error shown in the image below. I've checked the server & there don't appear to be any related errors.

    8.1 Issues-capture.jpg

    Any ideas anyone?



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    I'm having a similar error crop up.

    By default, I cannot log in. I've tried specifying login.aspx as the default document, but then get redirected to the unauthorized page after login (everything else working fine).

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