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Home Access Plus+ Thread, Remove "Got an issue?" in Projects:; At the top rhs of MyFiles is a "Got an issue" link which brings up a box that directs users ...
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    Remove "Got an issue?"

    At the top rhs of MyFiles is a "Got an issue" link which brings up a box that directs users to the Codeplex site.

    This is fine except you don't want to get a random message from every bored student at our school (or from every teacher who accidentally clicks on the link). We'd prefer to channel all HAP issues via our Tech Support Helpdesk.

    I was able to delete the link from the page by deleting the line "<a class="button" id="bug" href="#" onclick="return false;">Got an Issue?</a>" from Default.aspx.

    However I think it'd be better if we could actually keep the link but change the action to send an email to our Helpdesk.

    Can this be done?


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    Edit the help.xml file in ~/app_localresources/en-gb/

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    peterdwyer (7th October 2012)

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    I did this but it's still displaying old content?

    Edit: Scrap that. Stupid cache!

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