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Home Access Plus+ Thread, HAP File Upload from iPad (possibly in wrong forum) in Projects:; I have a problem that possibly shouldn't go in this forum but I can't find a HAP endusers' forum for ...
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    HAP File Upload from iPad (possibly in wrong forum)

    I have a problem that possibly shouldn't go in this forum but I can't find a HAP endusers' forum for this type of question.

    We have recently moved to HAP (v8) after many years of using a rather insecure File Transfer system. So far, so good.

    Apple have done a very effective job in convincing our Teaching Staff (read "the IT decision leaders") that no student or teacher should ever leave home without his/her iPad. As a result, from the beginning of next year, we will have around 1500 iPads in the school (We already have ~400).

    For our purposes, the most important bit of HAP is the File Transfer capability. We have no LMS (one is coming soon) or Terminal Services (one of the other handy features of HAP) is far too expensive for us.

    So teachers are expecting their students to
    (a) download their documents to their iPads
    (b) edit said documents in Office HD or whatever
    (c) upload the updated file(s) from their iPads

    And now the problem: When I try "upload" in HAP, the only folder that I can choose from is "Camera Roll". This folder is for photos and videos only. I can't browse to where the "modified" files (typically documents, powerpoints or spreadsheets) are stored.

    Of course the iPad is not designed as a data storage device, nor is it designed for the purpose the teachers want to use it for... I have no trouble with HAP on PC or Mac running OSX

    I've tried a number of file managers (eg FileApp) but to no avail

    Any suggestions would be welcome...

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    Ah, sorry to hear it doesn't let you upload any files, I think this is one of the limitations of iOS. I doubt I could find a way around this without making an app. If you have gone down the OIPP (one ipad per person) then you may find webdav a better solution for iOS.

    They should of waited for Windows 8

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    Just wondered if you managed to find a solution as this is exactly the problem we have.

    I love HAP and we have just started testing iPads. I know they are not designed to be used to upload, etc but this is what people want to be able to do.

    Is there an app that would allow you to move files created in pages, etc to the Camera Roll or anything at all that can get round this problem.

    If it isn't feasible, from research I have done, File Browser seems the best option but I haven't tried that yet.

    Thanks very much.

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