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Home Access Plus+ Thread, Booking sheet user feedback / change request in Projects:; A couple of requests from initial user feedback: 1) Would it be possible to in some way have a gap ...
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    Booking sheet user feedback / change request

    A couple of requests from initial user feedback:

    1) Would it be possible to in some way have a gap between P2 and break + break and P3, and the same for lunch? It'd break up the table a bit and make it easier to read.

    2) making "free" slots easier to see would be beneficial, say a different colour or tone or something along those lines. (maybe a darker tone of the overall tile)

    3) mentioned this one in my last thread but i got carried away with other issues... on the overview section, once you've searched for a users bookings, some way of printing out the list for that user. At the moment if you want to print it it'll print the whole booking sheet in the background. Only way to do it currently is to copy it and paste it into a word doc .... and lets face it teachers aren't the brightest beans so they either don't understand or complain this is too long winded

    Hopefully those sound reasonable and/or are fairly easy to implement

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    1) Not possible Out of the Box. You can get javascript to add additional classes to the lesson links that are generated, from there you can use CSS to add a margin-left or margin-right

    2) CSS is your friend, edit the bookingsystem.css file in ~/styles/ you should be able to use
    a.free { background-color: green; }
    3) Printing, you should be able to highlight what you want to print and ask the browser to print the selection via CTRL+P

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