Nice! BSi - Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX400 S1 Multi-Node Server Enclosure (Blade Chassis) - Business Systems International

So Fujitsu have announced this neat little unit, comprising 4 server nodes and up to 24 drives in a 2u package.

The PRIMERGY CX400 S1 Multi-Node system provides a new condensed form factor, enabling to Scale-out Smart by packaging 4 independent dual socket server nodes and up to 24 local storage drives into a consolidated 2U rack enclosure.

The server nodes can be individually configured and independently serviced. A choice of PRIMERGY CX2y0 dual socket server nodes with latest Intel Xeon processor E5 family without (1U height) and with (2U height) GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) option enable great flexibility to easily match for different solution stacks.
Would be great for a space constrained environment - or for a backup server farm, etc.

REALLY like it, might look at them for our remote offices