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Hardware Thread, New Stone PC wont wake up on lan in Technical; Originally Posted by twin--turbo Realy, the windows driver should have nothing to do with it. Other than perhaps enabling a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by twin--turbo View Post
    Realy, the windows driver should have nothing to do with it. Other than perhaps enabling a function the bios can't see (sometimes the case).
    I used to think exactly the same thing but I've had WOL issues in the last year and found that changing the network drivers solves the issue with two types of PCs I've had the problem with. It's strange because with the old driver that caused WOL not to work everything else worked perfectly except WOL.

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    In reality it's not the driver, it can't be as that's never in play at boot.

    However the hardware is not being fully controled by the bios and is needing software input to config the card..

    Linux has some support to enable the options.

    Some NICs can be set to boot from WOL even after total power failure.

    As usual, the "STANDARD" is open to vast differences in it's interpretation.

    We once had it working nicely for our fully automated re-image solution on zenowrks, but changing one thing made it all fall appart.

    Surely they can come up with a simple one stop solution for this, but I think that there is no consumer power to drive a solution out of the vendors.but i guess it's way down the priority list for all vendors and unless one says "Lets Get it right" then it will never be 100% reliable.


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    We have the same machines and found that with newer drivers (not quite the latest at the moment) WOL works find after you set it. Our problem is getting the WOL settings to be enabled after SysPrep in XP. I really must try the latest drivers to see if there is an option to set it at install time, I seem to remember that being their is a different Intel LAN driver.

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    We had this same board and found that out of the box the BIOS was several updates behind so please make sure this has been updated.

    Also just as a test, can you boot the PC up and try booting to LAN. At the same time have a look at the lights on the NIC. Are both staying on and flashing or is just one light on or at the point of selecting LAN are the lights going out?

    I ask this because we had an issue similar to this and at the point of hitting F12 to boot to LAN the lights on the NIC would go off. In a nutshell it was a cabling issue and once we addressed this the PC booted to LAN etc fine.

    Different fault but it maybe the same solution!

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    I updated the bios and the nic driver then tested my computer from home. It worked. But i will test it on 52 computers this week.

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