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Hardware Thread, Using HP SSDs for DL360 g7 in Technical; Hi; I have a couple of DL360 G7 (2 x Xeon 5606, 48Gb RAM) at the moment running 4 x ...
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    Using HP SSDs for DL360 g7


    I have a couple of DL360 G7 (2 x Xeon 5606, 48Gb RAM) at the moment running 4 x 146Gb 15k SAS in RAID 10)

    they will be part of the Remote Desktop Server Farm, and the first test server is running quite well.

    I have an oppurtunity to buy some 100GB HP MLC Enterprise SSD drives: 636593-B21 | HP Enterprise Mainstream solid state drive - 100 GB - SATA-300 | Internal Hard Drive | Equanet

    They (a pair) will work out cheaper than getting 4 x 146gb SAS on each, plus they are HP parts as well.

    Only issue I have with SSDs are:

    It's an MLC, so long term reliability / life uncertain
    I would have 2 x 100GB SSDs running at RAID 1 (but is there any point with that?) plus do not know whether 100GB storage is enough for OS and Remote desktop

    I might have 100GB for OS, 100GB for profile storage if I put the SSDs in production, and reimage them quick if they go wrong.

    What do you guys think?
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    I'd keep them in raid 1 for reliability, have harsh policies on clearing profiles. Should have a good perf boost and okish reliability thanks to raid1. As it's only TS it should be easily restorable and raid1 should give you time to swap out failed drives as long as they don't both die at the same time. Could be cheaper and beter going for non hp parts, buy some latest gen intel ones and some caddys to make them fit off hp parts or ebay.

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    The only issue with RAIDing them is that TRIM tends to not work through a RAID controller, and TRIM is what will make the drives last - especially in an intensive environment. You need to measure up the benefits of both. It may be now that SSDs are cheap that you can do without TRIM and just replace them more often, but it's a balance between cost and reliability.

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