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Hardware Thread, Any issues with storing laptops vertically? in Technical; I am shopping for laptop trolleys. I have been looking at ones that hold the laptops vertically because they take ...
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    Any issues with storing laptops vertically?

    I am shopping for laptop trolleys. I have been looking at ones that hold the laptops vertically because they take up less space. However it occurred to me that storing laptops on their side might risk damaging them in some way.

    I could not find anyone on the web who says it does apart from this article:
    In addition to user safety, schools should also pay attention to how a laptop charging trolley actually charges the devices inside. Vertical charging in laptop trolleys is a hot topic at the moment, and, although there have been many debates about whether charging laptops vertically will actually damage batteries, there is no doubt that if laptops were meant to be charged on their side, the manufacturers would have made them this way.

    Laptop trolleys are designed to be moved around a building, so laptops need to be stored in a way that stops them from moving around too much on the shelves inside the trolleys. Regardless of whether a trolley uses foam inserts, if a laptop is stored vertically, there is going to be much more movement than if a laptop is laying flat. To reduce the risk of laptops banging into each other and minimise damage, schools would be wise to only purchase trolleys with horizontal charging.
    The second paragraph make sense, but I do not understand why charging a laptop battery on its side would make a difference.

    Has anyone destroyed their laptop by a perilous tip to the vertical?

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    We have 2 such trolleys and they are useless. They are old and the brand escapes me atm. The laptops are old fujitsu siemens v3505s which had flimsy caps covering the lcd screen brackets, all of those have broken off exposing the bracket. The front of the laptops has a petruding switch/catch that locks the laptop screen/lid shut. This has been damages on many occassions where the switch mechanism snapped inside requiring the whole screen cover to be removed to repair it.

    Additionally, the cable management is none existant where the cables bundle in a self mixing mess, several hours of untwisting and repositioning them ensues every term. It is a big no no to any member of staff who wants the chargers out of the trolley if the laptops have been used consecutively for several lessons

    These are a few reasons to go with a horizontal position trolley, albeit the latter doesnt matter, that is a general trolly isse. We have a monarch lapcabby which is horizontal, has great cable management and a safe laptop charger.
    Just to note, we've had no issues, as far as im aware, of batery issues for vertically stored laptops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jollity View Post
    "Vertical charging in laptop trolleys is a hot topic at the moment,"
    It sure is. I was saying to a colleague only yesterday, "what's with all these threads on Edugeek about vertical charging at the moment?".

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    I have never had anything other than vertical charging for both laptops and netbooks, and have never seen a decrease in battery life or any other issue relating to the position of the laptop. The older trolleys are not very well padded and would be an issue to move but the newer ones have 'containers' for the laptops/netbooks which keep them pretty secure when moving about the school.
    We also have Bretford Netrollers which are brilliant for securing netbooks safely but weigh a ton!

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