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Hardware Thread, Adaptec SNAP Server 520 Question in Technical; Hi I was wondering if anyone had one of these. I just a got a quick question. We about to ...
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    Adaptec SNAP Server 520 Question

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had one of these.

    I just a got a quick question.

    We about to purchase a SAN Bloc which attaches to a SNAP server which will increase its total storage to 5tb. What I wanted to know was is it possible for me to migrate data from a windows 2003 server and transfer all this onto the snap server whilst preserving permissions and security really easily.

    Also has anyone used a SNAP server to act like a Xserve RAID box. The reason I ask is the school is about to purchase 45 macs with an Xserve and XRAID to support this. A question which I have is if the Xserve did fail for some reason, I was planning on using the SAN bloc to act as a backup so every night the XRAID box would backup all its data onto the SNAP server. It can do this because it can talk both windows and apple talk. Would it be possible if the Xserve failed I could reroute all traffic to the SAN bloc whilst the Xserve was getting repaired as a short term solution.

    Thanks in advance for any guidenance on this.

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    Re: Adaptec SNAP Server 520 Question

    You can make use of the SNAP server as a iSCSI device in Windows 2003 - meaning you can mount it as if it is a local hard disk - so transferring information is as simple as moving the folders etc...

    I'm not sure about the support for iSCSI in OS X though, although I would be highly surprised if it wasn't good, but anyway you can make use of NFS drives via the SNAP server which should be mountable in OS X.

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    Re: Adaptec SNAP Server 520 Question

    You can get the globalSAN iSCSI initiator for OSX for free here:


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