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Hardware Thread, RM Ascend 2020B disassembly in Technical; Dear all: Having recently purchased the above machine from eBay, upon arrival I found that the computer did not have ...
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    RM Ascend 2020B disassembly

    Dear all:

    Having recently purchased the above machine from eBay, upon arrival I found that the computer did not have a CD or floppy drive fitted (the latter obviously is not that important). I assumed (through my knowledge of previous PC builds) that I would be able to easily slot both of these devices into the case. However assumption is the mother of all ***** as proven in this example.

    It would appear that the blanking plate and thus bay for these devices sits behind the metal wall that the motherboard sits on and that this is the easiest way in as the other side of the case is where the monitor is attached. Before I start randomly taking screws out, is this the way in or can you take the plastic fascia off the side of the computer and gain access that way? If not, does the board need to be unmounted from the metal wall or can a few screws be removed lifting both wall and MB off in one?

    Many thanks


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    Remove the two Philips screws on the back batcave and pull the cover off. That’s the cover were the cables go in and it’s at the bottom at the back of the computer. Flat at the bottom and oval on the top.

    Remove the four screws at the back near to each corner. These are security screws so you are going to need a suitable security screwdriver.

    The silver side panel with the drives will have two or three screws to remove. These will be visible when you get to this stage. The silver side panel (with care) should be able to be removed by unclipping the plastic tags that hold it.

    I’ve not done one without a cd/dvd drive but it should have a metal plate drive cage. The two screws to release this are in the bat cave near to the edge of the computer. Do not remove the two screws in the centre of the cave as they hold the mounting for the rear retainer for the drive.

    Just take your time and don’t force anything.

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