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Hardware Thread, Single Hard Drive RAID Stripe - IDNF Error in Technical; Hi everyone, I have a desktop computer of mine from 2004 that's been going strong, and this past Tuesday when ...
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    Single Hard Drive RAID Stripe - IDNF Error

    Hi everyone,

    I have a desktop computer of mine from 2004 that's been going strong, and this past Tuesday when I restarted the system after Microsoft Updates, I noticed one of my hard drives [not bootable, just held applications] wasn't listed in My Computer. I restarted my system to see if it was just temporary, and again, the drive didn't appear.

    My motherboard in here is a P4C800-E Deluxe, that has 4 SATA slots, 2 of which are SATA, and the other two are on a Promise Fasttrak 378 onboard RAID controller. I have a 36GB WD 10K Raptor on the first slot, a 74GB 10K Raptor on the second, and a 150GB 10K Raptor on one of the RAID slots, configured as a single drive stripe. It's been operating that way for a few years with absolutely no problem.

    When I rebooted and watched the boot process more carefully, I noticed the controller BIOS threw a "No arrays defined" error or something like that on boot, and when I tried to go into the RAID configuration utility when I saw that screen, I could see the 150GB drive there, as a single drive stripe, and the status was "functional", it just wasn't set as available. When trying to make the drive available and save the changes, I get an error saying "Error occurred when modifying array", and that the system needs to reboot. I then tried to run a sector scan/repair from the drive maintenance tool ViVARD from an Ultimate Boot CD on the 150GB drive, and I got a stream of "IDNF Can't found sector with current address" [yes, they said "found"] for every single sector that was scanned. After 2000 sectors or so, I restarted, and came here to make this post.

    Any ideas? The main thing I want to know is, is this the drive? Or is this the RAID controller/motherboard? If I take the drive out, and plug it in with an IDE/SATA to USB converter into another machine such as my MacBook Pro, the drive wouldn't mount and said it couldn't be initialized. But I still don't know if that's because the drive was a single stripe RAID and it has to be read by that controller in my system, or if the drive/drive board is actually failing.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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