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    Cool Disk Array for new virtual environment.

    We are looking into Virtualisation using Windows 2008R2 and Hyper-V.
    We have already started with a HP Proliant DL380 G6 (was released from another project, so I nabbed it). This is currently setup with two 146GB drives mirrored for the host’s C drive and six 300GB SAS 10k that have Raid 1+0. I am currently using this for two new virtual servers one for WDS and one will be for SCCM 2012, both are new systems that we are using prior to the rollout of Windows 7 after half-term.
    We also want to virtualise one of the DC’s, a server for trialling some new classroom monitoring software, a small application server and three servers that are used for data files. The last three servers have 1.5TB of files between them. The servers are HP Proliant DL380 G5s and at least two will be used as additional host servers. We have about 800 client PC's
    We have other servers which will be virtualised eventually. So looking to ‘future proof’ whatever I buy.
    So I need a disk array with the possibility for future expansion. We would want Fibre capability but will probably start off with 10GB. We would like to stick with HP & need rack mountable. Budget of 9K this has to include the array, disks and anything I would need to connect to the existing servers and core switches. I have already allowed for another core switch.
    Next, I want the moon!
    Does anyone have a similar setup and can recommend something?

    Thank you so much for your time. My first post so I hope that I will be able to help you in the future.

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    Have you look at any of the stuff from Dot Hill Systems they are an OEM partner with HP.

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    I've got a QSAN Fibre Channel SAN running with HP DL380G7's. 4gb fibre channel, 12 bays built in, with capacity for two expansion bays. Fully redundant wrt PSU and controller etc. With 6 x 300Gb 15k SAS drives provided and a 5 year warranty, was about £7.5k

    Then got two HP fibre switches for redundancy (£3.6k), and fibre cards in the servers (not cheap).

    Don't forget the surprise expense of fibre SFPs when going fibre channel - they soon add up to a fair amount of money.

    If you want to fit it all under 10k, you may need to go iSCSI. The SANs themselves are a similar price, but you don't have all the other expenses of the fibre ecosystem.

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    I've used HP MSA2000FC (which is the OEM version of a DOT Hill SAN) as mentioned above, Also done work with Dell Equalogics and also OPEN-E which is a software SAN and slightly cheaper and can be built from any machine and run using ISCSI or FC. You essentially by a Decent spec Storage server which good hardware raid controller and install large SAS disks. It also supports SATA but I would only use that for Backup.

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