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Hardware Thread, Promethean Boards running Smartboard Software? in Technical; Hi all... So IWB guru's... we are a Promethean house and have quite a few boards over the campus. A ...
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    Promethean Boards running Smartboard Software?

    Hi all...

    So IWB guru's... we are a Promethean house and have quite a few boards over the campus. A member of staff has been in contact with Smart to discuss purchasing their boards instead... but... We aren't going to get rid of the Prometheans (especially as 7 were bought this year!) so I asked if a Promethean board could run with Smart software, a rather cryptic email back says that if we promise to buy Smart from here on in we could get the boards working with the Smart software.

    Now obviously as said whatever happens we aren't replacing the existing kit as we don't have that much cash and I'd prefer, as well as most of the staff I'd imagine, not to have to learn two systems.. so is the response back from Smart correct? Can I run a Promethean board using Smart software?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Probably it's on a big mouse after all.


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    I doubt it! You need to get it in writing from them I know promethean wont let you connect other IWBs and use their software because you do not have the software licences. I would have thought smart would say the same although they might let you buy the licences for the software. You would also still have to use the promethean drivers and I dont know if there would be any other problems.

    Having two board types seems like a nightmare, yes you can import smart notebook files into activinspire but its just going to be a headache for everyone that uses them.

    Why does the teacher want SMART is it just because they have used them before? If thats the reason then I would just say no! If its for touch have they looked at the newer boards because they are supposed to have some sort of multi-touch feature arent they?

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