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Hardware Thread, Yippee - my PI is ordered in Technical; My brother posted on Facebook that he'd just been asked to order by RS so I decided to just do ...
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    Yippee - my PI is ordered

    My brother posted on Facebook that he'd just been asked to order by RS so I decided to just do a search through my email and found my permission to order back in the spam box from 10 days ago!!!

    But luckily they still let me order and we'll see that happens (6 weeks lead time they say ATM)


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    Nice one

    I was one of the lucky ones to get an order from the first batch shipped - RaspBMC is good but takes hours to install (first boot will seem to be failing, just leave it running). OpenELEC boots quicker but seems slower in actual use. Debian is still a bit on the slow side at the moment, at least with X installed.

    I've still not gotten round to doing anything really interesting with it! Want to have a play with those GPIO pins...

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