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Hardware Thread, Choosing a UPS in Technical; I intend to purchase a HP DL380 and a HP DL120. But i have no idea what UPS to go ...
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    Choosing a UPS

    I intend to purchase a HP DL380 and a HP DL120. But i have no idea what UPS to go for, it needs to be rack mountable and if the power goes OFF then all the desktops are going down anyway, soi would just it to be able to run on battery long enough for me to shut them down. Any suggestions on how i select something that will suit?

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    Have a look at this:
    UPS Selector Sizing Applications

    It depends on how long you need them to run for and how long they take to shutdown. A 1500VA unit would probably cut it but a 2200VA would be better and would provide a little more overhead. The larger ones run much higher wall socket amperages though so you will need to factor in the cost of an electition for a high current feed if going much over 2000VA.

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    This is a good website to evaluate what UPS would be best for you, Just choose the server and it will work out the load that the UPS needs to support


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    The APC Smart Range of Rackmount UPS' forsake battery capacity in place of Inverter assemblies, the end result is that you can end up with a 3000KVA capable Inverter with a runtime of no more than 6 minutes.

    You need:-

    1. An inverter capacity capable of running your desired equipment with ease
    2. Enough runtime to accomplish everything you need to do in a blackout.

    DL380's come with PSU's rated between 400w and 1Kw (the newer models being the lowest) so if both servers ran at 50% of peak you would probably be looking around a 500w working load.
    This would mean an APC 1500 would probably be sufficient, a 2200 better and a 3000 overkill for just 2 servers.

    Any of the above would suffice, but in your case without the expense of extended runtime options just buy the biggest the budget will stretch to.
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