Hi all,

I have a HP ScanJet N7710 scanner which we still use, I have setup profiles on it so the user can just press a button on the scanner and it opens the scan software, scans and saves to a pre-determined location.

Problem were having is sometimes it seems to loose these profile settings, If I go into the tools (where I set it what to open when which button is pressed) there are no profiles and in the bottom left of the windows it says 'No Scanner detected' in the past a PC restart on restarting scanner has sorted this, but on this occasion it hasnt.

The Scanner appears in Devices and printers, and if I run the HP scanner software it asks me to confirm the scanner and which port its plugged into I do this and the box just pops up again. I have already changed the USB lead. Just cant think of what else it could be.

any suggestions