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Hardware Thread, Recomend me a Digital Signage solution in Technical; ...
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    Yes, it is pricey but in my case it is a time issue - I dont have time to do it myself and I am not sure it would be what the head wanted anyway. I am not there to sort problems and it won't be administered by people on my curriculum network, it will be on the admin network only.
    £2500 will get you a 46in LCD screen, associate computer, software, training, templates etc

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    Personally, some Acer Veriton 290;s (the ultra small form factor) with XIBO works a dream. The veritons are brill as they have HDMI out on them . XIBO is free too, and has a new lease of life now with some additional support behind it as a product.

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    Have you still got that VM for xibo? wouldn't mind a copy of it.

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    Samsung with Magic Info. The software is only fiddly because of the poorly translated instructions. The TVs are rock solid with ace viewing angles, they can be mounted in landscape and portrait (a normal TV would overheat in portrait and would look bad) You get total control of the TV via software (you can disable the ir, change the volume (not only software volume but hardware volume) also brightness/contrast and tv channel) The software never crashes (3 years no failures) You'll have to install a PP viewer on to the sets but thats it. The software has a ticker (that works over PP but I've not tried it over freeview) but you need to run server software to automate the TVs on / off times and upload new schedules.

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