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Hardware Thread, 3.3v unstable in Technical; Hi all, I've been let loose to buy myself a decent do it all PC. I decided on an FX-6100 ...
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    3.3v unstable

    Hi all,

    I've been let loose to buy myself a decent do it all PC.

    I decided on an FX-6100 6-core Black edition.

    2 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM

    P5A97 Asus Uefi motherboard

    600w PSU

    Usual DVD-RW,7200rpm Hdd

    I've got it all together and the 3.3v line runs as low 2.9 and up to 3.6, fluctuating wildly. The other voltages move about a bit as expected, but never out of tolerance, only the 3.3v

    Any hardware boffins got any suggestions? Duff MB, Dodgy RAM, crappy PSU?

    The PSU is a generic one, RAM is Kingston Hyper-X, MB is Asus.

    The PSU used to run my old AMD AthlonX2 6000 with no problems, although come to think about it, it did crash once in a blue moon, but nothing as bad as this, it will boot, but will lock up when you try and do something, like run the system rating wizard.

    Ive got a stick of 8GB DDR somewhere I will test with, and Im going to visit the local computer shop to try another PSU, MB does seem unlikely, but will RMA as a last resort.



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    Crappy PSU, get rid of it before it cooks the whole lot. More load on a 3.3V rail could easily make it unstable if it did not have the overhead. Generic stuff is often peek rated rather than constant rated so a 750W PSU could be a 'well' built as a 450W PSU from a good manufactuter.

    PSUs are like tires, it does not matter if you have a Veyron if your running it on cheap tires, your still going into the next wall that jumps out at you. That kind of variation on the 3.3V can and will damage your hardware over time.

    Get a decent 80+ rated PSU, unless your planning on chucking in a GPU or lots more drives your probably good with a 550W and that makes it cheaper so you can get a more efficient 80+ gold rated one.

    Antec, AcBell, Coolermaster are generally good places to start and should provide a stable and quite foundation to keep your system stable.

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    Add Corsair to that list as well

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    SeaSonic --> :::: Sea Sonic :::: ??

    Think scan, amazon and a few other places sell these ?

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