I've got one school who has a buffalo Nas drive installed as a secondary backup, and we had a few problems over the last few weeks with it loosing power and time "ClockShift" buffalo call it, being unplugged (cleaners) and the latest one is even odder.

The model has two twin 500gb Hard drives so total space avaliable is around the 1tb mark
This morning checked the logs and total space was now 2.3tb on buffalo navigator and still 1tb on Windows Server, when i looked at the folders inside I found the trashbox folder alone was bigger than the two physical drives at 2.6tb... So my question is what is goig on with it I can still access all the files, folders and restore and run backups with no problems my concern is that it seems to be misreporting the file sizes by huge margins.

Any ideas or shall I just paint it blue and stick a blue light on top?