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    MS Exchange Server - What hardware / spec to go for?

    Hi Guys,

    We are looking at getting a new server for a new installation of exchange 2010. Just wondering what spec to buy? We normally get HP or Dell gear and was using dell's config tool but not exactly sure what to get for exchange. If anyone could advise me what spec is needed or fill in the config tool it would be greatly appreciated.


    We are looking at a user base of about 180 accounts to start with. And an upper price limit of £3k. Preferably closer to £2k.


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    It can get complex, well as complex as you want it to be.

    TechNet v18.2 of the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator

    Alos, it depends if al the roles are going to be on this one server. High level recommendation, something with around 16-24GB RAM 4/8 core processor with enough storage for your user profile which you should hopefully know.

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    Have you considered Live@Edu if you're working for an educational establishment?

    - Microsoft Exchange in 'the cloud'

    - It's free and would comfortably support your 180 users (I would of thought).

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