Any one have or had any problems trying to print to a specific tray on this printer?

I'll start off by saying that these printer are very good and fast, we just received 2 last week because we have signed up to a service and consumables contract.

Th problems I'm having is printing to the correct tray at the right time. I have documents(acctually a M$ publisher file) that I print on yellow card every thursday so I put the card in tray 1, since it's more than 1 page I would either right click and select print or select them all and use right click print.

now before we got these printers we have 8560's which would print to tray 1 if I had go to the printer settings and set tray 1 otherwise it default to tray 2 unless specified during the print preferences when you select print in a application.

so as it stands right now my printer settings are for tray 1 but if right click print a .pub it will still come out of tray 2.

The driver defaults on the print server is set to automatically select and the printers control panel it's self is set to static for each tray. I've checked the manual and I cant see anything obvious and I've tried it from a different workstations but maybe I have something set wrong somewhere.