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Hardware Thread, TrueSuite fingerpritn software prevention in Technical; Our toshiba tecra A11 laptops have been in use for some time and on the rare occasion have had problems ...
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    TrueSuite fingerpritn software prevention

    Our toshiba tecra A11 laptops have been in use for some time and on the rare occasion have had problems with the TrueSuite fingerprint software appearing then locking up the computer. The laptops came with 7 on but have been downgraded to XP. The fingerprint software appears to only be supported in 7 and simply locks up in XP, however I have been unable to remove it as removing the software also removes the fingerprint drivers then every time a user logs into the machine they are prompted to install the fingerprint scanner drivers even when the device is disabled. Even stranger today I have had two complaints about the laptops from teachers, when a student has tryed to log into yacapaca.com or the schools gateway the fingerprint software loads up then locks the laptop completely.

    Ideally id be able to install drivers for the scanner without the software and just disable the device but I cannot find them from what appears to be a reliable source, the device is an AuthenTec Inc AES 1660 and the laptop is a Toshiba Tecra A11-17C.

    Having looked around some more I have found drivers for the AES1660 from Sonys laptop range and as I expected they all require vista or 7. I have also tryed disabling the TrueSuiteService but still get the pop-up and crashing.

    What would be the best workaround to compeltely disable this device remove software and prevent any prompts for users to install of setup?
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