We are just about to upgrade some 10 year old PC's with some shiny new ones. We are going to be running various CAD packages on them
Autodesk Inventor

I've got a quote for a PC but the graphics is an Nvidia NVS300 which I'm told by our CAD supplier isn't supported or recommended and various forum posts on the Solidworks site say it wont work, although I know that not to be true.

The problem is Solidworks supports the Quadro 600 but its pushing out of our price range the Quadro 400 I suspect is within our price range but not supported (i'm waiting to hear back from my supplier about the cost of the 400's)
The same goes for Autodesk Inventor and Catia they both support the 600 as a minimum.

So am I fussing over nothing? I just don't want to get something that isn't going to work perfectly and then have everyone moan at me.