Hi All,

I have a problem with a HP DC7800 SFF PC. On boot after the BIOS screen I receive the two following errors:

2210 - Parameters Frame Error
ME BIOS Extension module execution had halted.
Update BIOS or management engine firmware if problem persists.

2206 - End of POST HECI Failure
System halted. Power cycle the system to reboot.

I have done what it suggests and update the BIOS which had no success. Unfortunately am having trouble updating the Management Engine Firmware because this comes up before I can boot into anything, as to perform the ME upgrade I need a DOS environment.

I have checked the memory and that is definitely OK, I have also taken the BIOS battery out and used the button on the motherboard to reset the CMOS and I still cannot boot into anything to fix the problem

Does anyone have a solution to getting this thing to Boot? I can't think of anything and have exhausted my knowledge.