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    Laptops and desktops that build to cc3?

    Good Morning,

    I run a cc3 network which we will hopefully upgrading to cc4 next year, we have lots of broken laptops that are in need of replacing and a ICT suite that is falling to pieces. I need to buy new laptops and new computers that will be suitable my budget allows me to spend about £350-£400 per laptop and about £500-£600 on a desktop. My problem is that I am looking for machines that will be good with XP and Windows 7 and will build to CC3 and CC4 with no problems. This means that the drivers will need to be available on both OS's. Can anyone help?

    PS. I find buying from RM soul destroying, so if that could be avoided I would be grateful.

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    Try stone computers they have RM compliant machines and laptops if i recall and are very compettitive.

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    I'd also suggest Stone. You can get pretty much anything to build to CC3 with enough effort, however if like us CC3's clock is ticking down, then you'll probably just find it easier/faster to install XP one on, stick Smartclient on it, ghost it/image with your favourite tool and use that. It's quicker than a full CC3 build and if you buy lots of the same machines probably more reliable too. Also it gives you the option to use AHCI for your hard drives rather than IDE, so you can get some decent performance out of modern computers.

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