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    AP7723 Smart Transfer Switch for UPS

    Hi all;

    Hoping I have some more sensible answers here !

    I find APC support very amusing, they are polite and nice but last time I asked a UPS question I ended up finding an anwser and then telling them!

    I have just asked them another question regarding the AP7723 transfer switch:

    RACK ATS, 20A/208V, 16A/230V, C20 IN, (8) C13 (1) C19 OUT

    Question was:

    I'm thinking of purchasing a SURT6000XLI to protect an intel blade server: Intel® Modular Server

    I would like to have dual power redundancy but unfortunately the intel blade needs 3 out of 4 PSUs to run(they are 1000watt each). I was thinking of getting a AP7723 auto transfer switch, plug source A into the SURT6000XLI, Source B into mains.

    The 4 PSUs of the blade server in turn would be plugged into the AP7723

    Would the AP7723 be designed for such purpose? With 4 sockets left i also hope to plug in couple mmore servers,router and firewall as well. Would auto transfer switch be able to handle the load?

    Anwser I got from APC was I needed two UPSs to the AP7723 because the diesel generator takes time to spool up ?? I don't even have one so I'm sure they persumed.

    Anyone have experience using one of these? I know ideally I'll have 2 x SURT6000XLIs but for now I'll plug one side to the mains, and the AP7723 will use the on line UPS power unless the UPS fails or I need to do maintance on it.

    hope it makes sense.

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