Hi all

I am after some advice. I am looking at setting up some gsm gateways for a school which have a current phone system, it's a Avaya IPO small office system. Model number I don't know at this point in time but what I want to do is hook up a couple of gms gateways to route mobile calls via 2 or 3 sim cards in effort to cut down on call charges.

I have been told by the company which looks after the system that this can be done for a cost, which is fine but what they said is when a call is routed over one of these sims the outgoing number will show as the mobile number associated to the sim card, which is a downside as the person at the other end won't know who is calling and may just ignore the call.

I have seen schools with the same setup but when they call out over the gsm gateway the number that is sent is the school number.. So I know it can be done.. Can anyone advise how it's done, or ifs it's a limitation the Avaya system / software which is why the phone people who look after the system say it can't be done...??????