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Hardware Thread, edge10 17" monitor turn themselves off in Technical; Hello, Go a bunch of new edge10 17" for our CC4 network and every now and them the monitor does ...
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    edge10 17" monitor turn themselves off


    Go a bunch of new edge10 17" for our CC4 network and every now and them the monitor does not display any output at all. I think is because we have i5 processos that may not have enough power to output the display to the monitor, not really sure. Have some of you fellows having a similar problems with this type of monitor?


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    RM call if I were you.

    We have the edge10 22inch monitors and dont have any issues.

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    We've had problems left right and centre with edge10 - in almost all cases its been a internal PSU issue (to the monitor).

    Are you using those RM Y power cables? Ages ago when I used to be at a RM school we had big problems with them not quite sitting in the monitor power port correctly - took a while but we kicked RM into sending us some better ones.

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