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Hardware Thread, Laptops + Primay School Ages in Technical; @steveg "only problem we have is kids switching the wireless off via the button on the front." Can you disable ...
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    "only problem we have is kids switching the wireless off via the button on the front."

    Can you disable the wireless button in the BIOS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    In the end its not happened, I think the SMT finally got round to watching the Panorama and called all wifi off for now until they can make a overall school policy on it, with consultation with IT on it. Which is a godsend, it means we can keep going as normal and do things at our own pace.

    this may have some useful info to give to anyone thinking of using wireless in school


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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterW View Post
    Its an ASUS Z91FR but I fear RM have the UK exclusive for it

    I have a short circuited one of these courtesy of an 11 year and a misplaced drink! Any help on where to source a replacement motherboard would be gratefully recieved, RM have been no help at all unfortunately.
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    That RM jobby that was supposedly driven over by cars, tanks and what not is rather very good.

    The main issues I come up with in primary schools, is the teachers.

    "I can't get network on laptops 3, 5 and 19"
    *flicks the wifi switch on*
    "I did that several times!"

    I would also suggest purchasing spare keyboards at the time of buying the new laptops though purely for the sake of the keys. Ebay is a great resource for that though

    It's amazing just how slow even the better core2 hardware gets when it's chocka with programs, especially on CC3/4 networks

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