We're starting to see a few performance issues on our file servers. The culprit seems to be profiles as we are running XP (7 seems to help with this issue by having local and roaming profiles at the same time). We've got 6 spare bays in each file server so the obvious move is to drop 6 15k SAS disks in, add them to the array or build a new array just for profiles, and away we go.

No problem so far.... but then I look at the prices of the disks!!!! I had planned on using the same disks so that adding to the array now or in the future is an option, but they are pushing £400 each!

It then occurred to me that since its only profiles which are lots of small files and don't actually matter if we suffer data loss, what about a few SSDs? Looking at the price of the enterprise SSDs they are not an option, so my question is has anyone used consumer grade SSDs in a server?

My thinking is a few SSDs in a striped array will be beyond fast especially for profiles which are just tonnes of small files.

Any thoughts?