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Hardware Thread, Document Camera / Digital Visualiser in Technical; Hiya, I'm from a Primary School in Warwickshire. About 3 months ago we had a demonstration of a visualiser called ...
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    Re: Document Camera / Digital Visualiser


    I'm from a Primary School in Warwickshire. About 3 months ago we had a demonstration of a visualiser called Genee Vision (think others have mentioned it) some of the technophobes we a little sceptical as we thought it would be a glorified OHP - How wrong were we!

    The Genee Vision is AMAZING! we had a really interactive demo which we all got involved in, we soon realised that there was nothing to it! Easy to use finctions that are clearly laid out on the unit itself and a remote control so you do not have to be at the visualisers side the whole time. The main thing that we were impressed with was the auto focus, auto lighting adn the zoom.

    We soon ordered one and now three month later we have 6. Within no time at all we were using it to create annimations (alongside Windows Movie Maker), we were then able to add this to our server and the children were able to download all the resources we created onto MP4 players, to review later on.

    The zoom is also amazing (220 x) for looking at objects in detail and conducting experiments. One year three group conducted an experimant using a teeth one in a glass of coke and the other in a glass of Milk. The children took snap shots every day for 2 weeks and used the images as evidence, which was then used in their digital portfolio.

    We are still playing around with it but the company we bought from (www.interactive Educaction.co.uk)have also given us loads of tips and pointers and even shared other teachers resources with us!!

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    Re: Document Camera / Digital Visualiser

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    Re: Document Camera / Digital Visualiser

    Quote Originally Posted by CheeseDog
    I'm currently trialing an avervision 110 seems to work fine when logged on as system admin. Have problems when using it as a student/teacher

    get a message saying can't find application.ini. When loading Vision AP

    Never had an issue like this before (RM CC3)
    There was a conflict between a restriction imposed by CC3 and the method used to write to application.ini. However, this was resolved by a re-code by AverMedia's developers. I believe you'll require at least version of APView.

    Also, check that users have permission to write to application.ini as this is required for first run.

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