Hi all,

The laptop (Packard Bell, Easynote TJ68) crashes nearly every time you try to start it up. Sometimes the laptop beeps before shutting down. On rare occasions it boots into start up screen and then shuts down. I have already done the following:

Repeatedly pushed the power button whilst opening screen slowly (this fixed the problem for around a week then the crashing restarted)

Exchanged ram in varying slots etc (started up in one combination once, upon testing other combinations to identify whether ram card or slot was the problem i returned to the previously successful combo and it no longer booted)

Also I have noticed the laptop starts up (crashes shortly after) when I open the screen even if the power button is not pressed.

Is the power cable the problem, I read online that the solder can go on the power cable to the motherboard or something....

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.