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Hardware Thread, Yet another 'What Printer' thread... in Technical; Hi all I have had a look through the various other 'What printer' threads but couldn't find anything that quite ...
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    Yet another 'What Printer' thread...

    Hi all

    I have had a look through the various other 'What printer' threads but couldn't find anything that quite helped. We have been using HP Laserjets onsite for years but have found in the last year or so that HP drivers dramatically increase the logon time of a client machine (We do printer assignment through GPP), by up to a minute. To combat this we initially moved to Canons but found that the software for those creates processes for each Canon printer running and generates a new one for every printer whenever you restart the print spooler meaning we can end up with 42 Canon processes running.

    Soooo we are now in talks about what manufacturer to go for, we have a couple of Ricoh colour lasers which so far have seemed pretty good but finding independent reviews of them is difficult. What manufacturers do you guys prefer and for any particular reason? Thanks in advance

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    Other than HP the last few printers we have purchased are Konica Minoltas. Downside is availability of compatible cartridges, upside is they often have a free 3 year warranty and seem solidly built.

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    I've used a combination of Ricoh and Kyocera printers recently. Both have been fairly good. Had a few issues with the Ricoh drivers not always rendering certain PDF/office documents correctly. Normally solved by using either the PS or PCL driver (opposite to whichever one was causing problems!). To get around this we deployed a Mono and Colour version for each printer, using PCL for one and PS for the other

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