Well we're gearing up for the summer again, and during the hols we have foreign language schools hiring our rooms off us (because we dont make enough money off the extortionate fees we charge). Its always been an issue in the past with outside teachers using our rooms without training on out interactive whiteboards. We get them drawn on, we've had holes in them, we get cables unplugged, pen trays ripped off, etc. So every year we try and come up with a solution to protect them from misuse.

Last year we made laminated covers out of harboard and hung them over the whiteboards so they could be used with regular board pens without the surface being touched. However some teachers took off the boards and damaged the smartboards in the process. Also we've had an issue with storing the covers during the term time.

This year I'm considering putting a layer of white paper over the board surface and covering the whole thing in self adhesive acetate, then giving the teachers washable markers again to write on the acetate.

I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with damage to smartboards and what preventative measures you've taken.