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Hardware Thread, APC UPS Shutdown Script in Technical; Hi, I have one APC 750 UPS. This powers my admin server (connected via usb) and our wireless controller pc. ...
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    Exclamation APC UPS Shutdown Script

    Hi, I have one APC 750 UPS. This powers my admin server (connected via usb) and our wireless controller pc.
    Is there a way I can edit the default script so that when it runs during a power fail, it also shuts down the wireless controller?
    I am not familiar with what commands I would need to enter to do this?

    I also have a APC 1200 UPS which powers my curr server and is connected on usb. Our NAS storage server is also connected to this ups.
    Is there any way I can do a similar script so that when the power goes, the NAS gets turned off gracefully also?

    Any help would be great.


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    I dont think it will be that simple!

    If you wanted to shutdown 2 microsoft servers or a couple of microsoft workstations it would be easy enough using the OS tools or a third party application but I don't think your NAS will support these and I don't know what OS your controller PC is running.

    "help shutdown" @ the cmd prompt on a 2003 server will give you the command line options there are plenty of third party programs that do the same thing we use a old verion of remoteshutdown.exe to shutdown some of our PCs at the end of the day.

    The problem is these are designed for systems running a microsoft OS and your NAS wouldn't respond. Your NAS manufacturer might have a third party application or a way of shutting it down remotely that you could somehow script from a microsoft server but I think this would be specific to your NAS.

    You can add a module to some APC UPS that can expand the number of serial / usb ports so you can shutdown multiple servers but it would cost more than a new UPS would and the entry level UPS's you are using might not be supported.

    You might need to just bite the bullet and get a couple more UPS's (I'm assuming your nas has built in UPS support).

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