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Hardware Thread, Wireless points in Technical; Hi Sorry for a noob question. We are a wired school, but we are after making the PPA room wireless ...
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    Wireless points

    Hi Sorry for a noob question.

    We are a wired school, but we are after making the PPA room wireless with one wired PC.

    Having done a bit of looking around at access points im now confused. Our supplyer reccomended this
    NETGEAR ProSafe WAGL102 Dual Band Light Wireless Access Point WAGL102-100EUS

    However after reading the blurb im not sure as i think it requieres an extra switch.

    Basically what we are after is a box to plug in to the LAN with a extra socket to we can wire this into a PC and then the abbility to set up a password for the wireless.

    Any help or advice welcome


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    It depends on where you want to end up, if you are only ever going to do one room then an unmanaged business wireless AP will do. If you want to use it more over time and over the whole school you want a managed solution.

    Netgear is not good at wireless for certain devices (some Toshiba laptops) and a non managed solution limits your options. You are right, the one you were quoted is probably managed and will require a controller (expencive).

    There are other solutions Ruckus allows you to buy APs that are of a really good quality but can be used individually until you have enough to need a controller. Aruba also does an IAP series which has a virtual controller built into each AP meaning you get all the good features but at much less upfront cost (only goes up to 16 APs though).

    Whatever you get try for something with a gig ethernet port, dual band radios (wireless BGN/AN) and multiple WLANs (multiple wireless network names) This allows you to setup different authentication for guests or retarded wireless client devices that can't cope with certain types of authentication (older devices etc.). You also want a business grade device that is designed for reliability (consumer gear is not).

    If you have any plans of extending it to more than a few places or having more than about 20 clients you really want to consider a managed solution as it will save you hassel in the future.

    There are tonnes of options:
    Ruckus, Aruba, Xirrus, Aerohive, Meru, Cisco, Bluesocket, HP, Netgear (yuck) etc.

    Lots of people on here have had good results with Ruckus which might be good to investigate.

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