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Hardware Thread, SMART board shutdown in Technical; Hello, I have noticed that on the newer models of SMART board projectors (ones with arms) short throw and long ...
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    SMART board shutdown


    I have noticed that on the newer models of SMART board projectors (ones with arms) short throw and long throw they have rj45 ports as well as RS232 ports. I am wondering if anyone has experience in shuting them down remotely or on a schedule as we have many teachers that waste bulb hours when they are not in the rooms or leave them on overnight. I have heard that it is possible throug the RS232 ports with control hardware such as AMX but surely there is a way through the rj45 ports connected to the network switch and controled via software over the network.

    Any help would be much apreciated.

    If it helps we have the following smart projector models:

    UF55w and UF75W.

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    not sure about the smart ones but the projector behind me has a network socket. I can shut it down via a web page manually (also turn it on for that matter) but cant say schedule it to turn off at 4pm. There is aparantly doftware out there that can comunicate with various projectors pjlink i thing but ive not wound anything free/not horribly expensive that works yet

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