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Hardware Thread, Safe Operating Temps in Technical; All out ICT suites also have air con in them, it definitely makes lessons more productive as the kids don't ...
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    Re: Safe Operating Temps

    All out ICT suites also have air con in them, it definitely makes lessons more productive as the kids don't moan about the heat all the time, and prolongs the life of our workstations as well.
    That's a subject worthy of its own thread.

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    Re: Safe Operating Temps

    We have one A/C unit in the server room (former boys toilet) that is rated to deal with 7500 BTU ... we are kicking out up to 15000 BTU at the moment with a few more boxes to come in over the next few weeks.

    We have about £3500 in the budget for a ceiling based system rather than a wall cassette, but the problem we have is that the server room (partly for security and partly due to it being the only available space) is on the top floor.

    This means that we have to hire a crane to get the large unit up onto the roof.

    I have been geting some quotes and the local plumbers have the contract for all pipe work (including ventilation units) for the new block we are building. They got their subcontractors to give us a price and I finally got the quote yesterday. The idiots have given me a figure with no break down at all. When I rung them to ask about what make, model, rating, etc they shrugged their shoulders and said 'oh ... why do you need that?' To compare against the other quotes I responded, 'oh ... you mean you are looking at other companies too? We will send the guys back in to requote.'

    I got the direct number of the sub-contractors who are fuming and have agreed to come back in and quote directly for a unit to cover up to 18000BTU.

    We also have 2 old skylights which need boarding up as the just hold pockets of hot air.

    We have a thermometer inside the main server cab and it is usually at 35 at the moment ... if it gets to 36 we turn off a few server that are not essential.

    We have worked out a bit of a deal with the builders though. They have a few cherry-pickers and have agreed to use on to take the unit up to the roof ... saving a few thousand pounds. The plumbers' quote seemed a bit cheap as we new we should have a crane to take it up there ... but the foreman let us know that a deal had been done.

    Hopefully we can get something arranged over the next few weeks before it gets too bad in there.

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