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Hardware Thread, Hard Drive Prices in Technical; Originally Posted by sted up to a point isnt the point of any company to make as much money as ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sted View Post
    up to a point isnt the point of any company to make as much money as they can?
    Yes; up to a point; but we also expect big corporations to exercise some moral judgement. Capitalising on floods which brought death and misery to millions doesn't sound all that moral to me, although perhaps I am out of touch with the modern world.

    I wonder how much of Seagate/WD's profits windfall was donated to help the flood relief effort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naughty_Nigel View Post
    We don't know whether the factories themselves were flooded, or whether the floods simply disrupted the supply chain. My guess would be the latter (assuming they had the good sense to build the factories above likely flood levels).

    Regardless, I am sure the increased revenue will more than cover the cost of reinstating production.
    The factories were indeed flooded out and whole production facilities ruined. The floods were the worst Thailand had ever seen and nothing like this had ever been predicted. There is some quite good footage knocking around the net showing the interiors of the flooded HD plants.

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